Devon Invasive Species Initiative (DISI)

A new Devon Invasive Species Initiative (DISI) is being developed under the umbrella of the Devon LNP.

Himalayan Balsam

A small steering group of interested partners is developing the initiative and the first meeting was held in November 2016 (see meeting minutes for organisations currently involved). The Devon Invasive Species Initiative is a GB Non-Native Species Secretariat Local Action Group (LAG), which ensures it is kept aware of national priorities and projects and given us access to expertise across the country and beyond.

DISI has five main areas of focus:

  • Raising awareness of invasive species.
  • Improving the sharing of records/mapping of invasive species across Devon.
  • Sharing good practice guidelines.
  • Sharing/promoting good biosecurity measures.
  • Researching funding opportunities around invasive species.

Dates, agendas and minutes for/from DISI steering group meetings

DISI are in the process of developing a Priority Invasives List for Devon. If you have any comments on this list or think that species should be added/removed please email

Japanese Knotweed by watercourse

DISI has a range of partner projects which have been established in order to tackle invasive species in the county. Find out more about a number of them here.

For information on Biosecurity measures which will help reduce the risk of introducing/spreading invasive non-native species, click here. 

Please note, there will not be a separate Invasives Forum established. All communications regarding the Devon Invasives Steering Group will occur via the Devon LNP Forum (e.g. via these webpages, social media, the LNP newsletter etc).  Please contact Tom Whitlock if you would like to be added to the LNP Forum.

If you would like to find out more about the evolving initiative or join the Steering Group please contact Kate Hills or Jeremy Peirce.

Sources of information

Useful resources

The Devon Japanese Knotweed Forum’s information pages have been moved to the LNP website and can be found at: Japanese Knotweed Homepage.

If a Japanese Knotweed stand is at risk of eroding the banks of a waterway the landowner and the Environment Agency should be informed. Contact the Environment Agency. Email:; Telephone 0370 850 6506


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