Devon’s natural environment is not only beautiful it is our greatest asset and something none of us should take for granted. It provides us with food, fuel, pollination, flood control, great recreational and business opportunities and even a natural health service. It underpins life in Devon.

Natural Devon brings together all those interested in protecting and enhancing our environment for the benefit of people, wildlife and businesses. Please get involved…


Devon’s Priority Species – long and short list (Devon Special Species). 

Book your ticket for the 2018 LNP conference on March 16th

Find out who won our 2017 Build for Bees competition.


Devon Invasive Species Initiative is being developed through 2017 under the LNP umbrella.

Devon LNP 2017 Annual Lecture – Professor Dieter Helm, Chair of the Natural Capital Committee. Click to watch the presentation here.

See our communications plan for upcoming events and campaigns in 2017. 

Listen to Prof John Lawton’s 2016 lecture + information on our  2016 conference.  

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Find out more about wildlife reserves and great places to walk, cycle and explore across Devon on the Explore Devon website.

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