Our purpose and aims


Our purpose is to ‘ensure that a healthy natural environment underpins a high quality of life across Devon, with a strong green economy and healthy communities’.   

Heather growing on a coastal cliff




Our three aims are:

1. To protect and improve Devon’s natural environment – we will protect and enhance our natural resources and achieve bigger, better, joined up and resilient wildlife habitats together with characteristic landscapes.
2. To grow Devon’s green economy – we will support and promote business opportunities, which depend on, and help to sustain, a healthy natural environment.
3. To reconnect Devon’s people with nature – we will improve, and promote, access to the environment for residents and visitors, benefiting our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and quality of life

We have identified seven inter-connected priority themes as the focus for our work.  All help to meet Natural Devon’s three main aims.  These themes were identified following consultation with Forum members in 2012 and 2013.