Ash tree landscapes – Send in your photos!

Ash trees – integral to Devon’s landscape

We want you to send in some photos of landscapes in which Ash trees play a key role.

Our Devon landscape is packed full of Ash trees found as majestic in-field trees, hedgerow trees, hedge stock, hilltop and field corner copses and woodland. However, with ‘Ash dieback’ likely to affect ash trees in our landscape over the next decade as the disease continues to spread throughout the UK, this picture could dramatically change.

The Devon Ash Dieback Resilience Forum wants to understand how the loss of Ash trees is likely to affect the character and scenic qualities of Devon countryside and the next month is perfect for taking photos to demonstrate the impact that ash loss will have on the landscape.

As you are out and about in the County between now and early July, please take the opportunity to take high quality* photos showing views of landscapes in which Ash trees play an important part.

Please send your photos by 10 July to together with details of where the photo was taken (description and NGR please) and photo credit information for use on the project.

Photos will be selected on 13 July and will be used to prepare ‘photomontages showing how Ash Dieback will affect our landscape.


*We need high quality images, so please make sure your images are:

  • Sharp
  • Capable of being viewed when printed at least at A4 size or larger without noticeable pixilation
  • As a guide, be at least 8MP
  • A single frame image or number of single frame images (rather than a stitched panoramic)
  • At least a 35mm lens on a 2/3 size sensor digital camera (equivalent to a 50mm lens on a 35mm film camera)
  • Avoid using low f number aperture settings to ensure as long a depth of field as possible
  • A typical landscape scene from your area but ideally to include ash trees in the foreground, middle and distance elements of the view.
  • We need some images to show distinct ash trees on the edge of highways and rights of way

One thought on “Ash tree landscapes – Send in your photos!

  1. huge expectations on quality here – given a lot might respond using mobile phones – reads like a contract specification

    why not get the sites and then get a someone to grab the image to meet the spec?

    we have a works camera and cannot meet this min 8MP

    best of luck!

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