Catchment Management

Our watercourses and wetlands are managed most effectively through a Catchment Based Approach; a community-led approach to monitor and manage the quality of the river environment from source to sea through collaborative working.

The aim of a Catchment Based Approach is to deliver a range of environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting our water environments for the benefit of all. Learn more about a catchment based approach

Photo of a river

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Identification of priorities and actions at catchment level is led by Devon’s Catchment Partnerships.

East Devon Catchment Partnership
Hosting Partners: Devon Wildlife Trust and Westcountry Rivers Trust
Contact: Ed Parr Ferris, Conservation Manager, Devon Wildlife Trust

North Devon Catchment Partnership
Hosting Partners: Devon Wildlife Trust
Contact: Lisa Schneidau, Devon Wildlife Trust

South Devon Catchment Partnership
Hosting Partners: Westcountry Rivers Trust and South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Contact: Rosie Lear, Evidence and Engagement Officer, Westcountry Rivers Trust

Tamar Catchment Partnership
Hosting Partner: Westcountry Rivers Trust
Contact: Freya Stacey, Evidence and Engagement Officer, Westcountry Rivers Trust

Image of the catchment groups in Devon

The Devon-wide Catchment Group includes representatives from the four catchment partnerships across Devon and other key partners who meet to:
• Provide oversight of catchment issues at county scale to reduce overlap and duplication and ensure consistent engagement of stakeholders across all partnerships
• Coordinate strategic issues across Devon (e.g. NFM, soils)
• Develop tools and guidance collaboratively at county level
• Share learning, experience and data at a wider level
• Feed into LEP industrial strategy and other relevant county-wide plans
• Address difficult issues which are common to each catchment (e.g. water regs)
• Developing cross boundary projects

Devon-wide catchment group terms of reference (list of attendees) and meeting papers:
19/07/19 – Notes of meeting