Devon Dark Skies Week 2020 Resources and Information

If you’re feeling inspired by Dark Skies week 2020 and want to learn more we’ve collated informative resources from our partners that give further insight into lighting and the effects on wildlife, tranquillity, health and the environment.


The general status of lighting and what can be done to reduce the impact of lighting for businesses and individuals.

Devon bat projects lighting guide for businesses and property ownersstreet light
An overview of lighting, dark skies and what can be done
Good lighting guide
A reflection on the current status of LED’s
The changing light pollution over the past decade in the South West
Technical lighting guidance informed by work in the South Downs
Introduction to light and lighting

Light and Insects

The impacts of lighting on insects and the roles of insects after dark

Light pollution and moths
The role of moths as nocturnal pollinators
Artificial lighting impacting each stage of an insects life
A review of the impact of artificial light on invertebrates

Light and Bats

The impacts of artificial lighting on bats

How lighting threatens bats
Technical guide for bats and artificial lighting
Technical guide to protecting bats in waterside developments

Light and Birds

The impacts of artificial light on nesting, migrating and garden visiting birds

Bird migration and high intensity lightingBirds flying against a sunset background
Light pollution and migrating birds
Tawny owls and artificial lighting
Feeding garden birds and artificial lighting

Light and Health

The impacts of lighting on human health and wellbeing

An introduction to lighting and health
Lighting and safety
Lighting and health infographic
LEDs and blue lighting
European Health Committee report into the effects of lighting on health
Exploring how landscape can reduce the health effects of light pollution
The relationship between artificial light and certain cancers