The Devon Nature and Climate Conference 2020 – Naturally Resilient 

20th March at Exeter Racecourse – all day

Image courtesy of The Woodland Trust


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Our conferences always sell out quickly so to reserve a place please email  Formal bookings will be open in the next few weeks (there is likely to be a charge of ~ £50).

The agenda is currently being finalised work but is likely to include the speakers / workshops listed below.  We will use the conference to explore some themes emerging from the Devon Climate Emergency work and so this agenda may be subject to some change as these themes become clearer.  More information will be posted in the next few weeks.

Chair: Dr James Szymankiewicz, Chair of the Devon LNP, North Devon GP and Director at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare


Main presentations:

Professor Fiona Mathews – Professor of Environmental Biology at Sussex University and Chair of The Mammals Society

Phil Norrey – CEO Devon County Council and Chair of the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group

Professor Michael Winter – Natural England Board member and Professor of Land Economy and Society at Exeter University

Kevin Cox, Chair of the RSPB

Ross Kennerley, Regional Director – South West England, Woodland Trust


5 minute soap boxes – TBC


Workshops / presentations:

Forestry Commission / Woodland Trust –  the role of woodland creation and carbon capture (natural regeneration and planting) and the Woodland Carbon Code

Environment Agency – the implications of climate change for wetland habitats

TBC – The role of marine and inter tidal habitats in carbon capture

TBC – the role of peat and soils in carbon capture and the Peat Carbon Code

Ed Parr Ferris, Devon Wildlife Trust – the Devon Nature Recovery Network and its role in climate adaptation and mitigation

Rob Wolton, Devon Hedge Group – the role Devon hedges can play in climate change mitigation

Dr James Szymankiewicz and Active Devon – integrating ‘naturally healthy’ activities into the Devon social prescribing agenda

Pete Burgess and Mark Elliott, Devon Wildlife Trust – the findings of the River Otter Beaver Trial and next steps.

Craig Dunton, Bat Conservation Trust (and others tbc) – Back from the Brink in Devon (grey long eared bat, narrow headed ants and arable plants)

TBC – Communities taking action to restore natural resilience

TBC – The role of schools in achieving natural resilience