The short list –  #DevonSpecialSpecies 


  • To highlight the species which the experts agreed deserve particular conservation effort in Devon.
  • To raise the profile of rare species amongst the public


The 96 Special Species

 An overview of each species is being developed with headline information and links on habitat, location, ecology, threats and any conservation projects.  To add information please email

A report sets out how and why the Devon Special Species list was developed (written by Rob Wolton).

Further information on next steps to be added shortly.


Criteria for the short list (as agreed by the Devon Species Steering Group):

A. Nationally threatened, rare or scarce AND

B. Devon has a major responsibility for ensuring the species survives and prospers in the British Isles AND

C. Conservation action is required and we know what needs doing – including site protection (especially rare or vulnerable features) and active habitat management, but not just monitoring or research AND

D. Has been recorded since the year 2000 AND

E. They are not recent (post 2000) colonists.

Where there have been several similar species which occupy the same habitat, to prevent the list becoming too long and unfocussed, so stifling conservation action, preference has been given to those species which are:

A. Charismatic

B. Indicators of high quality or rare habitats which support many other rare or threatened species.

C. Not critically dependent on another species already listed.