Devon’s Natural Value

What’s so important about Devon’s natural environment?

We can all agree that there’s something very special about Devon, whether it’s the rugged beauty of our moors, the unique diversity of our wildlife or the 300 miles of stunning coastline.

It’s no surprise that we can boast two National Parks, five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a Biosphere Reserve, and two World Heritage sites. But, of course, our natural environment is more than just fantastic scenery, more than something to enjoy while walking the dog or going for a swim. It goes far beyond that.

Only now are we beginning to appreciate the true value of nature in terms of the ‘ecosystem services’ it offers us. These services include products such as food, fuel and timber; processes like soil formation, pollination and climate regulation; and less tangible but equally important social benefits, among them recreation, health and community cohesion.

Learn more about the vast array of ecosystem services provided by Devon’s natural environment.

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