Devon County Council, Devon Biodiversity Records Centre (DBRC) and Devon species experts (see below) formed a Devon Species Steering Group and began work on an update of the Devon Biodiversity Action Plan’s priority species lists. This work has resulted in a long list of 1,600 species known to be rare in Devon and a short list of 96 species for which Devon has a particular responsibility.





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HUGE thanks to the following (* indicates a Devon Species Steering Group member):

*Andrew Whitehouse (invertebrates), Andy Byfield (flowering plants), Barbara Benfield (lichens), *Barry Henwood (moths and butterflies), *Bob Heckford (moths), *Dave Smallshire (dragonflies and damselflies), David Farley (fungi), Fiona Mathews (mammals), Gavin Bloomfield (birds), Helene Jessop (birds), *Jeremy Ison (flowering plants), *John Walters (beetles, bees and wasps & LOGO), Keith Alexander (true bugs, beetles and fungi), Keith Hiscock (marine life), *Kevin Rylands (birds), Martin Drake (true flies), Martin Luff (beetles), Matt Prince (spiders and harvestmen), Michel Hughes (non-marine molluscs), Mike Holland (fish), Patrick Saunders (bees and wasps), Richard Fox (moths and butterflies), *Robert Wolton (true flies), Roger Bristow (butterflies), *Stephen Carroll (bees, wasps and ants), *Ellie Knott (DBRC), Tom Whitlock (DCC), Max Anderson (DCC), *Pete Burgess (DWT), *Matt Cowley (EAD), Ian Egerton (DBRC), *Richard Knott (DNPA) and *Sarah Jennings (DCC and Chair/Project Lead).