The Pollinators’ Pledge List – people and organisations

Hummingbird Hawk Moth - Chris Root cropped

Hummingbird Hawk Moth – photo: Chris Root

Thank you to those who have signed the Devon Pollinators’ Pledge to take action for our pollinators – those who wanted to do so publicly are listed below in alphabetical order. ┬áThis list will be updated periodically.

Dominic Acland
David Appleton
Harry Barton Devon Wildlife Trust
Simon Bates Exeter & East Devon Growth Point
Martyn Bragg
Suzanne Brown
Paul Bull
Katherine Charman
Jo Chown
Sandra Clarke
Hannah Corney
Roger Croad
Andrea Davis
Phil Dean
Cheryl Dixon
Wendy Edwards Devon County Council
S Elson Bidwell Brook School
Emma Fancett
Jen Gardner
Sue Goodfellow
C V Gough
Ley Holloway Cairn Conservation Carers, Ilfracombe
Gordon Hook
David Ireland
Mark Jefferys
Sarah Jennings
Kevin Lindegaard
Alex Looman
Jonny Miller
Anne Mountjoy
Jane Murphy
Jeremy Pyne
Soo Rimmer
Mark Robins
Zoe Sydenham
George Thompson
Christy Tolliday
Hazel Tree
Joanne White
Andrew Whitehouse