Devon’s Special Seas

Devon’s marine environment is truly special, but it needs and deserves celebrating and protecting. It is home to unique habitats and marine life, yet sadly they are often overlooked and undervalued. We want everyone to know just how special Devon’s seas are, so we have dedicated a webpage to all things marine.

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Devon’s marine environment is unique, it is the only county to boast 2 separate coastlines, is home to a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site (The Jurassic Coast), Global GeoPark, 15 Marine Conservations Zones, and is the UK’s first National Marine Park. But what makes Devon’s seas truly special is the spectacular marine and coastal habitats found here, ranging from estuaries and coastal waters to rocky shores and seas, all teeming with marine life.


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Navigate through this webpage to find out more about Devon’s marine habitats, wildlife, pressures, protected areas, sustainable seafood, invasive species and how you can help protect Devon’s seas!


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