These maps have been produced by Devon Biodiversity Record Centre (DBRC) on behalf of the LNP, they are meant as an indication of historic presence, and are based on records from a number of sources. Whilst every effort has been made to reflect the known distribution of each species there will inevitably be a degree of error or omission. Many of these species remain under recorded, and systematic survey has not been carried out. There may be existing records not currently held by DBRC, or local knowledge not yet incorporated. If you have additional information relating to one or more of the species listed, please contact DBRC, and we will endeavour to update the maps.

Plants, Fungi and Lichen

Flowering Plants (18)

Fungi (4)

Lichen (8)

Mosses and Liverworts (2)



Sea Fans and Corals (2)

Sponges (2)

Crustaceans (2)

Molluscs (2)

Spiders and Harvestmen (4)

Dragonflies and damselflies (1)

Grasshoppers and crickets (1)

True bugs (1)

Butterflies (5)

Moths (9)

True Flies (9)

Beetles (7)

Bees, Wasps and Ants (9)


Fish (2)

Birds (4)

Mammals (4)