Devon Invasive Species Initiative Partner Projects

The strength of the Devon Invasive Species Initiative lies within in its broad network of partnerships and partner organisations. Invasive species are dynamic, which only reaffirms the importance of cross-organisational collaboration on this issue.

Below is a handful of specific projects which some of our partners have been working on. More projects will be added shortly.

Moor Otters is a public arts event, combining art with the Dartmoor National Park protected landscape. The  project has helped raise funds so Dartmoor National Park can fund conservation projects, including the removal of American Skunk Cabbage

North Devon Biosphere have had a number of successful invasive species projects, most notably projects around Himalayan Balsam and Parrots Feather.

The Tamar Invasives Group was created specifically to control invasive plants in the River Tamar corridor. The partnership of four organisations, Tamar Valley AONB, Environment Agency, Natural England and Cornwall Council, have been working together for the past 15 years to control invasive species.

In 2015, the Westcountry Rivers Trust conducted a survey for non-native invasive species in the Upper Taw river corridor.

Moor than meets the eye is a landscape partnership scheme which is helping people to explore Dartmoor’s past, conserve its wildlife, improve understanding of this rich landscape. Through this project, an integrated and coordinated control project has being piloted at the top of the Bovey catchment, targeting both Himalayan Balsam and Skunk Cabbage.

The River Otter Himalayan Balsam Project  aims to control the invasive, non-native plant Himalayan Balsam Impatiens Glandulifera along the tributaries and headwaters of the River Otter in East Devon.