Naturally Healthy Scoping Report Workshop 27th November 2014

A successful workshop was held on the 27th November in Exeter to promote findings from the Public Health research.

Key messages from the research.


1. Introduction from Suzanne Goodfellow
2. How to use the report 
3. Case Studies 
3.1. Active Devon intro & Walking for Health 
3.2.  Health 
3.3. Naturally Healthy Project Dartmoor & Exmoor National Parks 
4. Active Devon & Green Infrastructure 
5. Natural Connections Demonstration Project 

Naturally Healthy workshop – Ideas gathering exercise for info pack for residents

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One thought on “Naturally Healthy Scoping Report Workshop 27th November 2014

  1. Thank you for inviting me to the event. Actually it was Sarah Jennings who forwarded me the invitation- otherwise no GPs would have been there….!

    My main observation and point is please please please include general practice in all of your consultation/plans/whatever. We are at “the coal face” and with suitable collaboration could
    1- signpost many more people to your good work
    2- help reduce the need for medication and referral on to counselling/hospital
    3- measure the reduction in workload and improvement in wellbeing outcomes resulting from any work that you do
    4- help put a case for diverting funding from treatment to naturally healthy activities ( i.e. all your groups!)
    PLEASE do not exclude us. Is this exclusion some kind of Public Health plot against general practice? I hope not.

    I am very very keen to link up with you guys to break down the barriers and create a bridge between general practice and healthy living in our communities.

    I have dropped a day at my surgery to put more effort into developing this joined up working. I am currently not being paid for this but i feel so passionate about it. Fortunately my free day is Thursday so I would love to come and be included in your next meeting on 22nd January.

    Great workshop. I didn’t have time to stick up any post its as was involved in discussion with several others who attended.

    My feedback for a better workshop next time would be have more time for the interactive/feedback bit which is usually the most helpful. Better that than sticking stickies on a flip chart!
    I think I was the only person that was allowed to ask any question/make any point at the end which was a bit disappointing as I was looking froward to hearing what others thought.

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