Also see documents pages relating to themes under  ‘Our Work’


Key documents

LNP Headline Action Plan – 2020

Agricultural Resource Management report, 2016

Project Pipeline, 2016

Natural Devon Review 2013-16

Natural Devon’s Prospectus, Jan 2014

Natural Devon Presentation October 2014 – This PowerPoint presentation is available to download and can be edited to suit your needs.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions for updates, email

Devon’s State of Environment, 2014

State of Devon’s Nature – Summary Report, 2013

State of Devon’s Nature – Long Report, 2013



LNP Board Meeting Presentations

Catchment Based River Partnerships

Natural England Landscape Pioneer

Brexit and its Implications for Wildlife


Our governance

Board meeting documents

Executive Group meeting documents

Terms of Reference

Devon’s Duty to Cooperate


Health and wellbeing

See our Naturally Healthy links for more information.

Devon County Council’s Health and Wellbeing pages have lots of information on public health priorities and issues.


Green Economy / Natural Capital

Local Environment and Economic Development toolkit report – Heart of the South West LEP area 2014

Summary case studies, Esther Kieboom, April 2014

Economic benefits of the environment – report for SWEN, Esther Kieboom, August 2013

Potential LEP investment priorities – draft for discussion, Esther Kieboom, July 2013

Devon’s Green Economy Scoping Report, 2012


Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of Investment in the Environment 2, June 2014. A free recording of a webinar introducing this report can be accessed at:

Payments for Ecosystem Services: best practice guide, DEFRA, May 2013

Bees and other pollinators: their health and value, DEFRA policy paper, July 2013

Marine ecosystem services, Natural England Commissioned Report NECR088, February 2012



State of Devon’s 2013 Nature report

Devon Biodiversity Records Centre: County Wildlife Sites

Devon Biodiversity Records Centre: Rebuilding Devon’s Nature map (currently being updated)

Devon County Council: Devon Wildlife and Planning Guidance

Devon Biodiversity Offsetting Pilot

Devon Biodiversity Partnership. 2005. The Nature of Devon: A Biodiversity and Geodiversity Action Plan

European Protected Species – Field Guide

List of priority species and habitats in Devon (currently being produced)



Devon County Council’s landscape pages.

National Character Areas

Landscape scale conservation

Landscape-scale Conservation for Butterflies and Moths – Butterfly Conservation (2012) – See pages 10-15 on Marsh Fritillary populations in Dartmoor.



Geology in Devon

English Riveria Global Geopark

Devon RIGS (Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites) Group


Historic environment

Historic Environment information, Devon County Council

The historic environment and cultural landscapes, Natural England

Devon Historic Environment Record

Heritage Gateway



Reconnecting People and Nature

Reconnecting People and Nature Report, 2012

Devon Community Toolkit for the Natural Environment

Community Action for Wildlife – towards a ‘plan’ A framework for helping people to respond to the biodiversity crisis 2019


Funding opportunities

The latest information on grants and loans to support enterprise and innovation in Devon can be found here, Devon Funding News

Spreadsheet linking Natural Devon priorities to EU funding opportunities


Local nature partnership capacity building documents

Draft vision and priorities paper, 2012

Devon LNP Draft Partnership Development Evaluation of Partnership development work and monitoring framework, 2012

Devon LNP application bid to DEFRA, May 2

Defra National LNP meeting.   March 2014