LNP Project Pipeline

Natural Devon partners are developing a pipeline of priority projects.  The aim is to identify key strategic priorities which can be promoted to funders as well as to help link people developing projects / ideas across the county.  To include other ideas please email sarah.jennings@devon.gov.uk.

LNP theme leads have identified a number of priority strategic projects and these are being discussed with the LEP and other partners.
Summary table of priority strategic projects – as of Oct 2015

Strategic Devon wide projects:
Innovation in agricultural resource management (soils, water, pollinators)
Heart of the South West Forestry Enterprise Action Plan. 2015-2020
High quality green infrastructure in our growth areas  
Devon Cycling and Trails Network
Devon Food for Life Partnership / Procuring Local Food
Assessment of Devon’s Natural and Social Capital – more info to be added shortly

Aug 2015 pipeline spreadsheet (= headline information on all projects listed below)

Other projects (a number of these have been pulled together into the Strategic Project list):
Water quality test kits farmers FWAG
Rainwater Harvesting test – SWW
Nature Improvement Area – DWT  
Working Wetlands – DWT
Pollinating Insects in restored Culm grasslands – DWT
Culm Grasslands hydrological modelling – DWT
Blanket Bogs and Mires – see spdsheet below for details
Securing investment through flood alleviation in the Clyst upper catchment – EDDC
Lower Otter Restoration Project – EA
All the Moor Butterflies – BC
Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project – see spreadsheet  for details
Cirl bunting 25+ – RSPB
B Lines – information to be added – Buglife
Devon Fish Passage Project – EA
Tamar Mine Pollution Project – WRT
Exeter Wild City – DWT see spdsheet
Shoresearch – DWT see spdsheet
Devon Marine Data – DWT see spdsheet
Devon school wildlife champions – DWT see spdsheet
Assessment of Devon’s Natural and Social Capital – more info to be added shortly