Outdoor Learning – How we’re working to achieve our vision

“People of all ages regularly interact with Devon’s natural environment as an integral part of learning that takes place through life.”

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This theme is led by Devon Education Sustainability Working Group (DESWG), a diverse group of practitioners from local government, schools, further and higher education institutions, NGOs to local communities. All are committed to developing environmental awareness, stewardship and learning for sustainability.

Key activities

  • The two year Naturally Healthy Devon Schools project is underway in North, and East Devon. The project will be extending the work of Natural Connections, investigating the benefits of learning in natural environments with an additional focus on the health benefits that this can provide.  For more information please read the Press release.
  • DESWG members organised a schools conference which took place on March 18th, 2016.  For more information see the DESWG conference flier or contact David Weatherley
  • The Growing Devon’s Schools partnership exists to support teachers in the development and delivery of outdoor experiential curriculum that builds skills, environmental awareness, a lifelong healthy relationship with food and an understanding of its production and preparation.  For more information and lots of useful links, see their website.
  • Natural Connections project ran from 2012- 2016. It is one of the largest outdoor learning projects to have taken place in the UK. The final report on the Natural Connections Demonstration Project, 2012-2016 can be downloaded here. This report was commissioned and published by Natural England, and was contracted by the University of Plymouth.
  • Living with a Changing Coast (LiCCo) project.
  • Also see DESWG pages for more information on activity across Devon.

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