The ‘Sustainable Outdoor Learning in Devon’ group (SOLID)

Education for Sustainability has a long heritage in Devon with the establishment of a Devon Education for Sustainability Working Group (DESWG) over 25 years ago. SOLID continues this work through a large and diverse network of practitioners, from local government, schools, further and higher education institutions, NGOs to local communities.  All are committed to developing environmental awareness, stewardship and learning for sustainability within the formal and informal education sectors. The group meets regularly at venues around the county to share good practice and work on joint projects. If you would like to find out more about joining in and attending meetings, please  do get involved by emailing the Chair David Weatherly.

Meeting dates

April 30th 9.30 am Totnes

June 4th 9.30 am venue to be confirmed.

Who are our members?

Find out who can help you access the outdoors and learn more about sustainability in Devon.

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What is our approach?
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SOLID is committed to the principle of education being a transformative and socially critical process.  It takes the leading role in Devon in advising local authorities and supporting teachers and others to recognise the importance of environmental education and sustainability as a mechanism for lifelong learning, school improvement and personal empowerment.  In this context the group sees education for sustainability as a process which: 

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Promotes understanding of local to global diversity  –  it enables people to understand the interdependence of all life on the planet and the repercussions that their actions and decisions may have both now and in the future on resources, on the global community as well as their local one; and on the physical and human environment.

Develops understanding of sustainable change – it increases people’s awareness of the economic, political, social, cultural, technological and environmental forces which foster or impede sustainable development.

Fosters active local and global citizenship – it develops people’s awareness, competence, attitudes and values enabling them to engage with deswg activities 2sustainable development strategies and plans at local, national and international levels; assisting them to work towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

Enables local school action – it provides children and young people, teachers, governors and the wider school community the confidence and ability to undertake activity which minimises the institution’s negative environmental, social and economic impacts.

SOLID seeks to provide a coherent and co-ordinated
framework of support across Devon for helping all achieve environmental awareness and sustainability development work.


Outdoor Learning and Sustainability Conference. Buckfast Abbey, 8th March 2019.

This event for teachers and outdoor educators brings together a host of practitioners from Devon and beyond to share their skills and ideas. This year the theme is improving outcomes in literacy and language from EYFS to year 6. We are proud to welcome Jackie Morris, illustrator of ‘The Lost Words’ along with Eva John, writer of the writer of the John Muir Explorer’s Guide to the Lost Words. Find out more and book your place.

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