Why take learning outside the classroom?

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the benefits of outdoor learning in all areas of education. Much of this is now available to schools and individuals to help them make the best decisions about effective approaches and good value interventions. Devon has an active outdoor and adventure education research community extending from the counties’ universities out to the wider community of schools and practitioners. To find out more and get involved with research projects, join the Peninsula Research in Outdoor Learning hub coordinated by Marjon and Plymouth universities.

What makes effective outdoor learning?

Ofsted’s view of Learning Outside the Classroom.

Educational Endowment Foundation, The impact and cost of Outdoor Adventure Learning – evidence summary.

Natural Connections Demonstration Project. Final report (pdf)

Research Collections

Institute for Outdoor Learning. Collected research reports, evaluations, magazine and journal articles from the UK.

Children and Nature Network. US based online library of peer reviewed research into childhood nature connection.