What are Natural Devon’s priorities?

Safeguarding Devon’s natural environment is a huge challenge. To focus our efforts, workshops and surveys hosted by Natural Devon have identified seven inter-connected priority themes. We believe these will help us to meet our three main aims.

Our Prospectus sets out the priority themes in more detail but for a summary of each please click on the links below. For more information on how we are progressing these themes please see the Our Work pages.


Naturally Healthy

Vision: Everyone in Devon has the opportunity, and the confidence, to be ‘naturally active’, in order to improve their health and wellbeing.  Read more >

Green Connections

Vision: Devon is known as a great place to live, work and do business, because high quality Green Infrastructure is integrated into, and connects, all housing and commercial developments.  Read more >


Outdoor Learning

Vision: People of all ages regularly interact with Devon’s natural environment as an integral part of lifelong learning.  Read more >


Farming with Nature

Vision: A prosperous and productive farming economy which meets our production needs, supports communities and protects and enhances the environment.  Read more >


Wood for Good

Vision: Devon’s woodlands and hedges are sustainably managed and rich in wildlife through being reconnected to the local economy and local communities.  Read more >


Resilient Wetlands

Vision: Devon’s wetlands and watercourses provide resilience to flooding and drought, healthy fisheries and wildlife habitats, fantastic recreational opportunities and a clean water supply.  Read more >


Sustainable Seas

Vision: A world class marine environment which is wisely used and provides a sustainable living for local fishing communities, a home for an impressive variety of wildlife, and an attraction to millions of visitors and residents.  Read more >