Wood for Good

The challenge

Natural Devon- Local Nature Partnership - Wood for GoodForests, woodlands, hedges, and trees shape the character of the Devon countryside. Ours is the most wooded county in the South West and boasts the longest hedgerow network in the country. Woods and hedgerows are a key feature of our five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and two National Parks. The upland oakwoods of Dartmoor and Exmoor are of international importance for their wildlife.

This woody resource is of huge social and economic value and provides benefits including timber and wood fuel, pollination, climate regulation, improved air and water quality and reduced flood risk. People have an innate connection to woodlands and trees and they are highly valued for their beauty, wildlife, heritage and cultural associations.

Our woody assets face numerous challenges including lack of management, invasive species, disease and damage from deer and squirrels. But there are solutions such as the increasing demand for wood fuel and the potential to add value to timber products locally, along with the growing recognition among decision-makers that access to woodlands provides mental and physical benefits.

Natural Devon is working to increase the area of woodland, and length of hedgerows which are sustainably managed and resilient. We also want more community groups involved in their local woods and a strong local supply chain for wood fuel and timber products, utilising smaller woodlands and hedges.


Our vision

Devon’s woodlands and hedges are sustainably managed and rich in wildlife through being re-connected to the local economy and local communities.


We will

  • Encourage land owners and managers to bring existing woody assets into sustainable management and create new wildlife rich assets.
  • Support and promote innovation and best practice in the wood and timber sector.
  • Support the re-connection of communities with woodlands.


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