Insects - Grasshoppers/Crickets

Image above by John Walters
Scaly cricket Pseudomogoplistes vicentae - Vulnerable and nationally rare

This cricket is known in the UK from only four small and apparently isolated populations: Branscombe (East Beach) in Devon, Marloes sands and Dale beaches in Pembrokeshire and Chesil Beach in Dorset. It inhabits shingle beaches, living under rocks and beach debris, and is often associated with the seaweed strandline. The females appear to prefer to lay their eggs in driftwood. The population at Branscombe appears strong, with 25+ being easily found by torchlight on 22 October 2019. Populations are threatened by both the increase in the frequency of severe weather events and rising sea levels associated with climate change, and by marine pollution events. A further potential threat is the collection of driftwood and the construction of driftwood bonfires.

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