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Image above by Boris Loboda

Apple Lace Bug Physatocheila smreczynskii - Nationally rare

Modern records of this lace bug are known only from Cornwall, Devon and New Forest. It is found chiefly on lichen-covered apple trees, both crab apple in woodland and cultivated apple in traditional orchards. The National Trust’s Ashclyst Orchard is the only place where this bug has been seen on more than one occasion, most recently on 17th August 2016. The NT's Killerton Estate has been restoring this traditional orchard, formerly engulfed by bramble, by opening it up and establishing a new generation of trees and have expanded its size by incorporating some neighbouring apple trees into the same enclosure. No information is available, however, on the status of the species or its habitat at other known sites in the county. Any further loss of traditional orchards may put this species at risk.

Map to show the Devon distribution of this species

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