We are all aware that our environment is degraded and that everyone needs to do their bit to reverse the decline in species and climate change. In 2019 Year of Green Action we want to know how we can better support Devon’s communities to take action for wildlife. There is LOADS of great work going on across the county but we are aware that the support provided is often short term, fragmented and possibly confusing. There might be some simple things that we could do together that wouldn’t cost much money (e.g. setting up a discussion board on the LNP website, training up Parish Wildlife Wardens, providing a list of Community Champions who are happy to share learning, better promoting existing information and advice…..) and there may be a few things that would make a huge difference that we might need to find funding for.

We won’t know what is needed without your thoughts – so please fill in this questionnaire (just skip bits that aren’t relevant) and encourage others to do the same. If you would prefer simply to e-mail your ideas to someone then please send them to Phil Collins at phil@phil-collins.co.uk (Phil Collins and Paul Buckley are leading on this consultation with Sarah Jennings at Devon County Council on behalf of the LNP). Note that this questionnaire is for those already carrying out action for wildlife as well as those who would like to set something up.


The Local Nature Partnership is organising a Community Action for Wildlife Conference on Sat 6th July in Chagford with talks and workshops on a wide range of issues such as bats, butterflies, churchyards, meadows, wildlife data – as well as a discussion around the results of this questionnaire.. Please come along.

This questionnaire closes at 5pm on Monday 20th May 2019. Huge thanks for your input.