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On 31 January 2018, Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, launched the ‘Year of Green Action’. This is a year-long drive to get us all involved in projects which help us to connect with, protect and enhance our natural world – be that in our own gardens, schools, parks, workplaces, as volunteers or as consumers.



Improving our understanding of the state of the environment, the benefits a healthy environment can bring, and the effect of our actions on the natural world.

Help us to reduce our impact on the environment through greener decision-making.

Inspiring us to actively improve our local environment.


Devon’s Year of Green Action – Collaborative Themes

Natural Devon partners are collaborating around a monthly theme – see below.  We will be promoting ideas, events, facts and activities all of which are aimed at helping us to help nature – in particular to develop a healthy Nature Recovery Network across the county and meet climate targets.  More details out soon but get in touch if you have any ideas and share what you are doing on social media using #iwill4nature and copying in @devon_lnp so that we can promote.

February         Marine.  5th Feb Devon Maritime Forum Conference

March              Outdoor Learning8th March Devon OL Conference

April                Recycle Devon  22 April World Earth Day

May                 Naturally Healthy & Invasives  
                        16-18th County Show
                        23rd National Outdoor Learning Day      
                        National Invasives Week 

June                Farming and Forestry
                        11th Open Farm Sunday
                        19-21 Forestry Conference, Dartington 

July                 Get Devon Buzzing   
                        Devon Communities Conference – date to be agreed

August            Marine  
                         National Marine Week 

September      Landscapes
                         AONB Outstanding Week

October           Development

November       Priority Habitats


Defra’s  Year of Green Action toolkit